Park Place Association, Inc.

townhomes overlooking Holiday Park in downtown Fort Lauderdale

Welcome to Park Place Association, Inc.

Welcome to the webpage of Park Place Association, Inc.

We are a community of 12 townhomes overlooking Holiday Park in downtown Fort Lauderdale. We hope this site will be helpful to owners and those interested in knowing more about our life together.

Board Matters and Meetings

The Board of Directors of Park Place Association, Inc. are:

Donna Dambrot, President

Elizabeth Held, Treasurer
Xiang Li, Secretary
Joseph Venuto, Director
Casey Ogden, Director

Board Meetings

Unit owners are notified of upcoming meetings and encouraged to attend!

Community Matters

Please contact the board at

Contact Information

All correspondence to the Association should be mailed to:  

Park Place Association, Inc.
752 NE 7 Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

The board may be emailed at:

Park Place Association, Inc. has retained Orchid Management Solutions as its financial management company. 

Monthly dues (and any other amounts due) are payable to Orchid. For more information, please contact the board at its email account, above.

Applications to Buy/Rent

The Association maintains an Application to Purchase and an Application to Lease. 

Please contact the board at for forms, fees and other information relating to purchasing or renting a unit. 

Please note: upon completion and receipt of any forms required, personal interviews are required before the Board will vote on any application. These interviews are currently conducted virtually.